playland - rye, ny

the paidia company, through it's tpc rye llc subsidiary, responded to the westchester county rfp for the redevelopment of playland in rye, new york. we believe that our proposal responds to what the community seems to want, and what would be the best use of the property.

in order to fully understand the proposed plan, it is important to understand the decision making process that went into it. at first glance, it is apparent that each of the existing venues has its own appeal. however, they do not share any commonality beyond some similar historic architecture. essentially, there is no overall thematic element that ties the various attractions together. this is true within the park itself, as well as for the property in general. within the park, there are modern carnival rides adjacent to historic attractions creating a disjointed environment that is merely a collection of rides, rather than a true experience.

within the larger site framework, the various venues create a similar disjointed environment. as such, visitors of one attraction are less compelled to visit the other attractions the site offers. the existing venues are merely neighbors sharing the same space, rather than pieces of a larger picture. while each individual venue has its own merits, they do not rely nor benefit from the other venues. as an example, a visitor to the beach most likely will not visit the amusement park, and vice versa. visitors to the edith g. read natural wildlife park and sanctuary have no motivation for also visiting playland on the same visit, as they are two disjointed activities. while they may appeal to similar demographics, there is no overlaying theme that binds the venues together.

when developing a theme upon which all venues could connect, we looked first at the history of playland and then the edith g. read natural wildlife park and sanctuary. looking at the site's history and what the community has said is important to them, the themes that developed strongest were education, curiosity, nature and a strong desire to keep playland for the children. we propose to take these themes and apply them to the park and other venues.

playland, in it's current condition, has very little in common with the original park. it was originally a well themed venue, with high quality attractions. today, the park has portable carnival type rides, historic structures with significant foundation issues, and has lost many of its original themed attractions. we believe that the only way to ensure that playland will continue to exist for the children for another 80 years is to make major changes so that it can be refocused back to its roots as a high quality themed venue that focuses on children. in order to do this, we propose to bring in an internationally recognized brand.