the paidia company is a themed entertainment venue design, development, and management company. comprised of industry veterans, our core expertise is in bringing together the talent necessary to create and operate memorable venues.

our team brings experience from every segment necessary to successfully design and open a theme park, or other themed entertainment venue, including construction, operations, retail, food services, marketing and attraction design and development. our unique blend allows us to operate under a design-build-operate framework. each project is treated independently, bringing together the best team to complete the job. the construction consultants we work with have been involved in some of the world's premier attractions. our operations professionals bring an in depth knowledge of how to insure attractions are safe, efficient, and exceed guest expectations. retail and merchandising specialists insure that guests are delighted with shopping experiences that showcase quality park branded items. our professional designers bring experience in theme, urban, architectural, landscape and interior design to every project. their expertise results in innovative, cost effective concepts that reflect economic, geographic and demographic realities. this combination of design creativity and fiscal practicality ensures that our ideas will work, not just on paper, but also in real life. having a dynamic group also allows for us to adapt necessary changes to a facility, while minimizing cost requirements.